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For Each Other

For Each Other: Sharing Sexual Intimacy

Barbach, L. (1983)

New York: Doubleday

The New Male Sexuality

The New Male Sexuality

Zilbergeld, B. (1992)

New York: Bantam

Reclaiming your sexual self

Reclaiming Your Sexual Self

Hall, K. (2004)

New Jersey: Wiley Publishers

Sensate focus in sex therapy

Sensate Focus in Sex Therapy

Weiner, L., & Avery-Clark, C. (2017)

New York: Routledge

Reclaiming your sexual self

Come As You Are

Nagoski, E. (2015)

New York: Simon & Schuster

Principles and practice of sex therapy

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy

Hall, S.K., Binik, Y.M. (2020)

Guildford Press: New York

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